„Pina” este un tribut adus de catre Wim Wenders uneia dintre cele mai importante coregrafe ale secolului XX, dansatoarea germana Pina Bausch. Un tribut despre care nu se poate spune nici ca ar fi un film, nici un documentar.

„Pina” este o poezie. O opera lirica, fara actiune, cu metafore exprimate nu prin cuvinte, ci prin dans. Cu emotii exprimate prin simple gesturi si miscari.

Desi nu sunt prezentate informatii concrete referitoare la viata artistei, ci doar scene de dans, nimic nu ne impiedica a spune ca ne este totusi infatisata viata sa… caci dansul a fost viata Pinei. „Dance,dance, otherwise we are lost.”

 Wim Wenders despre Pina:

„No, there was no hurricane that swept across the stage, there were just … people performing, who moved differently then I knew and who moved me as I had never been moved before.
After only a few moments I had a lump in my throat, and after a few minutes of unbelieving amazement I simply let go of my feelings and cried unrestrainedly. This had never happened to me before… maybe in life, sometimes in the cinema, but not when watching a rehearsed production, let alone choreography. This was not theatre, nor pantomime, nor ballet and not at all opera. Pina is, as you know, the creator of a new art. Dance theatre.

Until now movement as such has never touched me. I always regarded it as a given. One just moves. Everything moves. Only through Pina’s Tanztheater have I learned to value movements, gestures, attitudes, behaviour, body language, and through her work learned to respect them.
And anew every time when, over the years I saw Pina’s pieces, many times and again, did I relearn, often like being struck by thunder, that the simplest and most obvious is the most moving at all: What treasure lies within our bodies, to be able to express itself without words,
and how many stories can be told without saying a single sentence.”


Un gând despre „Pina

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