Music is love in search of a word

Am tot vazut prin blogosfera o leapsa despre versuri… mai exact, despre cele mai frumoase versuri, in opinia fiecaruia. Ori cand vine vorba despre muzica, Loryloo nu se poate da la o parte. Desi folderele cu melodii sunt atat de mari, iar versurile care imi plac atat de multe…!

Voi face totusi o enumerare… scurta, sper 😀

If I could tear you from the ceiling
I’d freeze us both in time
And find a brand new way of seeing
Your eyes forever glued to mine.

Placebo – Blind


I hope my smile can distract you
I hope my fists can fight for two
So it never has to show
And you’ll never know

I hope my love can blind you
I hope my arms can bind you
So you’ll never have to see
What we’ve grown to be

One may think we’re alright
But we need pills to sleep at night
We need lies to make it through the day
We’re not okay

The Perishers – Pills


I wanted just to say
that if I hold
I’d hope you’d fold
open up inside, inside of me.

R.E.M. – I’ll take the rain


It ain’t gonna stop the world
If you walk out that door
This old world just keeps spinning round, spinning round
Like it did the day before
‘Cause to them it makes no difference
It just keeps on keeping time
‘Cause it ain’t gonna stop the world no
But it’ll be the end of mine

Rosie Thomas – It doesn’t matter to the sun


Scars are warning signs left behind from choices that we made.
Scars follow you home and they won’t let go
They’re with you to the grave
Everybody has regrets, wounds they wish would heal
Clocks that won’t reset
But I wouldn’t change a thing
They’re such a part of me
They make me who I am
No apologies for these scars
Scars are simply lessons learnt
bridges that we’ve burnt
So we won’t go back
Scars show me where I’ve been, where I shouldn’t go again

Ronan Keating – Scars


Moi je t’offrirai
Des perles de pluie
Venues de pays
Où il ne pleut pas
Jacques Brel – Ne me quitte pas


I want to reconcile the violence in your heart

I want to recognize your beauty is not just a mask

I want to exorcise the demons from your past

I want to satisfy the undisclosed desires in your heart

Muse – Undisclosed desires


I bruise easy

So be gentle

When you handle me

There’s a mark you leave

Like a love heart

Carved on a tree

I found your finger prints

On a glass of wine

Do you know your leaving them

All over this heart of mine too?

Natasha Bedingfield – I bruise easily


A thousand miles seems pretty far
But they’ve got planes and trains and cars
I’d walk to you if I had no other way
Our friends would all make fun of us
and we’ll just laugh along because we know
That none of them have felt this way
Delilah I can promise you
That by the time we get through
The world will never ever be the same
And you’re to blame

Plain White T’s – Hey there Delilah


I look at your lips

I know how soft they can be

Did they know what they wanted

The times they kissed me?

And your hands

I held in mine

Now they’re reposing on the pillow

Will they ever miss me sometime?

Sophie Zelmani – I’ll remember you



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