CM 2012: Proba feminina, PS

A doua zi de patinaj la campionatul mondial din Nisa aduce in fata spectatorilor programul scurt din proba feminina si finala de la proba de dans. Inca nu am ajuns la decernarea medaliilor intre nord-americani si francezi 😀 dar fetele si-au prezentat deja programele, asa ca trec la notarea clasamentului provizoriu:

1. RUS – Alena Leonova – 64,61 New Sb

Sirens – Harry Gregson-Williams
Piratii din Caraibe (soundtrack) – Klaus Badelt si Hans Zimmer

Cel mai dragut pirat din intregul patinaj artistic, Alena Leonova, a debutat in programul sau cu o combinatie impecabila de triplu tulup cu triplu tulup, notata cu aproape 10 puncte. Piruetele si secventa de pasi i-au adus rusoaicei nivelul patru. A continuat la fel de bine pana la sfarsit, atat tehnic, cat si artistic si a castigat in mod neasteptat programul scurt in proba fetelor, cu al treilea cel mai bun punctaj al sezonului, la nivel mondial.

  • “Obviously I performed my program at a 100 percent today. I am even more pleased with my jumps and the very high levels I got than with the fact being in first place. This was my best Short Program in this season and probably of my life so far”. – Alena Leonova

2. JAP – Kanako Murakami – 62,67

Violin Muse

Un program reusit, expresiv si solid, cu elemente dificile. Si ea a executat in inceputul programului o combinatie de triplu tulup cu triplu tulup. Dar Alena a avut note putin mai bune la componente (lucru care ma bucura! 😀 )

  • “Since I wasn’t  skating well on practice since I am in Nice, so I was a little unsure today. I was just glad to perform well and I am very satisfied now”. – Kanako Murakami

3. IT – Carolina Kostner – 61,00

Allegretto from Trio No. 2 – Dmitri Shostakovich

Pe Carolina nu m-as fi asteptat sa o vad pe un asa loc decat daca ar fi fost in concurs si Yu-na Kim sau daca Mao ar fi patinat curat. In urma Alenei nu as fi crezut ca se va situa, ce sa mai vorbim de Murakami? A executat aceeasi combinatie valoroasa de triplu tulup cu triplu tulup, punctata mai bine decat cea a lui Murakami, dar mai putin decat cea a Alenei. A avut insa probleme la saritura care a urmat dupa combinatie, o saritura ce ar fi trebuit sa fie un triplu lutz. A compensat insa destul de mult cu secventa de pasi de nivelul patru si cu punctaje foarte bune la componente, fiind singura patinatoare in aceasta dupa-amiaza care a obtinut peste 30 de puncte la componentele programului.

  • “I have mixed feelings about my performance today. On the whole, it was really good. I had a miskate on a jump that makes me quite angry because it’s a jump I have almost never been missing. Sometimes you just need a mistake like get down to earth again and to stay focused until the end, which I will try to do”. – Carolina Kostner
  • “After the Vancouver Olympics I wanted to stop skating. I actually stopped for a while, but then I realized that I missed it a lot. I missed skating and I missed my life as an athlete, so I started skating again. My goal now is to enjoy skating, not to win medals. I love what I am doing and know that I am not going to do it forever anymore. I love that I still have a chance to win a medal.  I work hard for it everyday, but I am just trying to do my best and let the judges decide about the placement.” – Carolina Kostner

4. JAP – Mao Asada – 59,49

Sheherazade – Nikolai Rimski-Korsakov

A riscat cu un triplu axel, saritura pentru care este atat de renumita, dar nu a avut rotatia completa si a ratat aterizarea. De apreciat insa straduinta sa si restul programului, care a fost unul dintre cele mai placute din aceasta dupa-amiaza.

  • “I was a little worried about the triple Axel because I haven’t done it well since I got to Nice in the practice or in the warm up. I am really disappointed about today’s performance. I felt a lot of support from the audience and I wanted to show my best to raise to their expectations. I’ll just try to put this performance aside and change my mindset for the free skating.” – Mao Asada

5. JAP – Akiko Suzuki – 59,38

Hungarian Rhapsody – Edvin Marton

A executat combinatia de triplu tulup cu triplu tulup, punctata la fel de bine precum cea a Carolinei, dar a avut si ea probleme la lutz.

  • “I did not feel good today. I know I was nervous and tense, but I wanted to turn the nervousness into positive energy. I focused on my triple toe-triple toe too much maybe. I was not thinking ahead about other elements, and this may be the reason why I made the mistake on the Lutz. I am disappointed with what I did today. I’d like to use the crowd’s energy in my free skating performance.” – Akiko Suzuki

6. RUS – Ksenia Makarova -58,51 New Sb

Maria And The Violin’s String – Ashram

Un program care mie imi este foarte drag, atat pentru muzica, cat si pentru prestatia gratioasa a Kseniei. Cred ca o prinde acest stil de muzica si coreografie, chiar daca prezentatorii nu au fost de aceeasi parere. O prefer mult mai mult cu acest program decat cu cel de la liber.

  • “I am very satisfied with my performance. I didn’t have more pressure this time than before. I didn’t feel I had to prove anything. I just wanted to stay clean and skate for myself. My preparation was more to stay healthy. I was sick after Europeans and a little injured, but I am perfectly fine now. In the free skate, I want to show my triple Lutz, which I learned not too long ago, and of course I want enjoy skating here again, just as I did today.” – Ksenia Makarova

7. GEO – Elene Gedevanishvili – 58,49

Tango Jalousie – Jacob Garde

Elene a inceput cu o combinatie superba de triplu lutz cu triplu tulup, notata cu 11,1o puncte! A continuat foarte bine cu un salcov, pentru ca mai apoi sa se piarda la axel si sa execute doar simplu. Sper sa mai recupereze la programul liber.

  • “I felt my performance was good and I enjoyed skating the program today. It wasn’t perfect – I was upset about my double Axel. I guess I got a little too excited and I stopped feeling my feet. I want to skate a solid free skate like I’ve been skating all year. I’ve worked really hard for this competition and I hope it’s going to show.” – Elene Gedevanishvili

8. SUA – Ashley Wagner – 56,42

Pollock – Jeff Beal

  • “Overall it was a really long waiting period. I guess that’s why I struggled with the triple flip, but I think I came back extremely strong with that performance, considering the level of pressure at this competition and the high level of competition. I think what I accomplished was pretty big considering I didn’t have the strongest elements today. A clean free skate program is going to get me where I want to be and I just have to go out, keep focused, and I’ll be set.” – Ashley Wagner

9. CH – Kexin Zhang – 55,00

Piano Concerto No. 3 – Sergei Rachmaninov

  • “I think I did well today – it was my best score of the season and I’m happy I landed all my jumps, including my triple-triple. I like France and hope to have time to visit some sights while I’m here. I’m not thinking about my final placement, but hope to skate as well in my free skate tomorrow.” – Kexin Zhang

10. SUE – Viktoria Helgesson – 54,19

My Funny Valentine – Ahn Trio

A inceput programul tot cu o combinatie de 3T + 3T, dar cea de-a doua saritura a fost subrotata. Nici axelul nu a fost perfect, insa trecand peste sarituri, a avut piruete si pasi foarte buni. Mi-ar placea sa mai urce doua-trei locuri in clasament.

11. IT – Valentina Marchei – 52,14

Johnny’s Mambo („Strictly Dancing”)
Ronny’s Mambo („Strictly Dancing”)

12. M.BR. – Jenna McCorkell- 50,42 New Sb

Capone („Celtic Tiger”) – Ronan Hardiman

Un program reusit de data aceasta pentru lady Van der Perren, spre deosebire de programul scurt de la europene.

13. CAN – Amelie Lacoste – 49,37

Satin Doll – Duke Ellington

Cu mici ezitari si retineri, iar la artistic destul de slabut.

14. EST – Elena Geblova – 49,04

Angels and Demons (soundtrack) – Hans Zimmer

15. FR – Yretha Silete – 48,42

Black Swan (soundtrack) – Clint Mansell

Putin stresata probabil de faptul ca patina acasa…a oferit o prestatie mai slaba decat competitiile anterioare din acest sezon.

16. SUA – Alissa Czisny – 48,31

La Vie En Rose – John Williams
La Vie En Rose Compilation

Alissa a fost patinatoarea care a gresit poate cel mai mult la partea tehnica, dintre cele de la care lumea se asteapta sa fie in top 10, si totodata si cea de care mi-a parut cel mai rau sa o vad intr-o forma atat de slaba. A ratat aterizarile primelor doua sarituri din program si a facut doar un simplu axel. Piruetele insa au fost minunate, la fel ca si partea artistica, unde a obtinut cu 4 puncte mai mult decat la tehnic.

  • “I want to thank the audience for being great even though I wasn’t my best today. I don’t really know what happened. The jumps weren’t there. I have to take what I’ve learned to do and use that in the free skate.” – Alissa Czisny

17. FIN – Juulia TuRKKILA – 47,75

Happy Valley – Andy Hill si Vanessa Mae

18. SP – Sonia Lafuente – 47,36

Cry me a river

19. RUS – Polina Korobeynikova – 46,71

Russian Dance – Petr Tchaikovski

20. UCR – Natalia Popova – 46,60 New Sb

The Flight – Alfred Schnittke

21. GER – Sarah Hecken – 46,39 New Sb

Malaguena – Ernesto Lecuona

22. AUT – Kerstin Frank – 45,80

Kingdom Hearts

23. FIN – Alisa Mikonsaari – 44,16

Variation of a Magnolia – Karen Khachaturian

24. ELV – Romy Buhler – 44,02

Bei mir bist du schoen – Shalom Secunda, S.Cahn, S. Chaplin

Nu s-au calificat in programul liber:

25. PUR – Victoria Muniz – 43,27 New Sb

Concierto para bongos – Perez Prado

A ratat lutzul in debutul programului.

26. BEL – Isabelle Pieman – 38,45

Flamenco Selection – Jesse Cook
Cancion Triste – Jesse Cook
Eye Patch (soundtrack) – Rodriguez

27. LAT – Alina Fjodorova – 38,06

Breakout din „Lord of the Dance” – Ronan Hardiman
Warriors din „Lord of the Dance” – Ronan Hardiman

28. COR – Min-Jeong Kwak – 36,91

East of Eden (soundtrack) – Lee Holdridge

29. IRL – Clara Peters – 34,03

The Notebook – Aaron Zigman

30. RSA – Lejeanne Marais – 32,22

Burn the Floor – Charlie Hull


3 gânduri despre „CM 2012: Proba feminina, PS

  1. Stii cum as vrea eu sa fie podiumul ?Aur :frumoasa rusoaica Alena ,argint :tot rusoaica dar Ksenia si bronz : georgianca Elene .Frumoasa imagine , nu ?

    • Si mie mi-ar parea tare bine de ar castiga Alena aurul, dar presimt ca vor interveni decisiv in clasamentul actual Carolina si Mao. Ma tem sa nu se piarda rusoaica la programul liber… Si ea, si Elene gresesc destul de usor…

  2. Imi pare rau pentru voi dar Carolina a fost mult mai buna.A patinat curat,elegant,sigura pe ea,aterizarile au fost perfecte,ce mai,a fost ziua ei. (Poate sunt subiectiv, o urmaresc de ceva timp si imi place,imi aduce aminte de Katarina Witt )

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