CM 2012: Finala in proba de perechi

O noua seara in care vad, aud, respir numai patinaj artistic, de data aceasta cu pumnii stransi la maxim pentru preferatii mei din proba de perechi, Aliona si Robin… care nu m-au dezamagit nicicum, ocupand pentru a sasea oara un loc pe podiumul mondial.

1. GER – Aliona Savchenko & Robin Szolkowy – Programul liber: 132,86 /Total:  201,49 

Muzica: Pina (soundtrack)

Un program pe care eu il iubesc, pus pe gheata de o pereche pe care o ador, medaliata pentru a patra oara cu aurul mondial. Ce pot spune mai mult? Ca ar fi trebuit sa primeasca note mai mari de la arbitri? Nu mai are rost. Publicul l-au cucerit, la fel si podiumul, este suficient. Sa se intample la fel si la Sochi!

(Unul din lucrurile care ma incanta la maxim la acest campionat este ca avem ocazia sa ii vedem in tribune in fiecare zi de concurs pe Gwendal Peizerat si Marina Anissina, care au fost multa vreme preferatii mei, in trecut. Spun asta acum pentru ca tot Gwendal a fost si cel care le-a luat interviu cvadruplilor campioni mondiali! 🙂 )

  • “Everything was going well until I singled the Axel. Then my power was gone. I don’t really know why, but I forgot the spin, starting it on the wrong foot. It has never happened to me before, but we just tried to make the best out of it.” – Robin
  • “I am happy that this mistake did not put us into second place. I would like to congratulate Tatiana and Maxim, who had a really great skate tonight, and the bronze medalists Narumi Takahashi and Mervin Tran. As for our performances here … it was enough.” – Robin
  • “Our preparation this season was not the best, of course. Plus, we were obviously a little nervous to skate tonight having already won three Worlds. Now we can be proud of having won our fourth title and look into the future.” – Aliona

2. RUS – Tatiana Volosozhar & Maxim Trankov – 140,90 New Sb / 201,38 New Sb

Black Swan (soundtrack) – Clint Mansell, Petr Tchaikovski

Un program perfect oferit de reprezentatii Rusiei. Chiar daca pareau  ca au pierdut prea devreme sansa unui loc sus pe podium, au demonstrat astazi ca aceasta este adevarata lor valoare, ca locul lor nu este in alta parte decat in ultima grupa valorica si ca se pot remonta dupa orice esec.

  • “We were very nervous. Today we had a very good practice and the six minutes of warm-up went well, but it was the most nervous competition for us so far. In the beginning of the program, I took Tatiana’s hand differently, not like always. I forgot how I needed to do that and nearly panicked, but it was good in the end. After the last throw, I was very excited and then nearly lost my lift, but I saved it and am proud of that. I think we skated well today and we fought and we can say that Russians never give up.” – Maxim 
  • “It was good to have the one-day break in between. We were very nervous and in a bad mood, but today we tried to be Volosozhar and Trankov and not the couple that skated the short program.” – Maxim
  • “I knew our score and the personal and season’s bests of the other teams. I realized that we still had a chance to medal, but I did not watch Aliona and Robin. I was in the dressing room.” – Maxim
  • “I asked our coach ‘how did they do’ and she told me that they made a couple of small mistakes. I was certain that there was no way we could win, but then I saw how close we came to winning… However, we must be strong in both programs in order to win. It’s our own fault.” – Tatiana
  • “In a couple of years, people will forget about margins of victory. What they will remember is that Savchenko and Szolkowy won. They are the great skaters, always on top, so we will just try to fight. Of course we would be very happy if we could win one day and we will do everything for this, and we will see.” – Maxim

3. JAP – Narumi Takahashi & Mervin Tran – 124,32 New Sb / 189,69 New Sb

Concerto de Quebec – Andre Mathieu

M-a mirat putin clasarea lor in programul scurt, dar aceeasi clasare si in programul liber si chiar obtinerea unei medalii mi se pare chiar de necrezut. Cat ma amuza reactia lor… 😆

(Medalia de bronz as fi vrut-o pentru Vera si Yuri. N-a fost sa fie asta seara lor.)

  • “We are very happy. We did not quite expected that exactly. I thought we might be able to finish fifth, but we finished even higher. We did two good performance, so, well, here we are! It is a dream come true.” – Mervin
  • “It is very special to become the first Japanese skaters to win a medal in pair skating. I hope that someone in Japan will see us and will start to skate pairs. Hopefully we will become a strong pair skating country in the future.” – Narumi

4. CH – Qing Pang & Jian Tong – 118,95 / 186,05

Sheherazade – Nikolai Rimski-Korsakov

O schimbare mare in prezentarea chinezilor, au intrat pe gheata nesiguri, facand mai multe greseli, dintre care una majora la inceputul programului, cand Jian a cazut.

  • “I was crooked in the air on my triple toe loop and that’s why I fell. We haven’t competed internationally for a year. I regret that this was probably our worst-ever competition, and I think we weren’t really prepared for how to recover from mistakes in the program.” – Jian Tong

5. CAN – Meagan Duhamel & Eric Radford – 121,72 New Sb / 185,41

Viva la Vida – Coldplay
Yellow – Coldplay

Canadienii au inceput programul promitator, dar apoi s-au desincronizat la o combinatie de sarituri individuale, cand Meagan s-a cam pierdut. In partea a doua insa au fost fara greseala, cu elemente deosebite si dificile. Excelenta alegerea muzicii.

  • “These are the strongest programs we have ever skated internationally. We are very proud of our performance—both today and in the short program.” – Meagan

6. RUS – Vera Bazarova & Yuri Larionov – 118,66 / 183,68

Doctor Zhivago (soundtrack) – Maurice Jarre

Un program foarte frumos si o pereche adorabila, dar in seara asta cu probleme, ca multe alte perechi. Vera a ratat aterizarea la triplu flip, pentru ca la scurt timp sa greseasca si Yuri o aterizare. Insa in ciuda acestor greseli la partea tehnica, eu nu pot avea decat cuvinte de lauda la adresa lor. Imi sunt prea dragi ca sa le aduc critici 🙂 Pacat pentru clasare, eu ii vad mai buni de atat.

  • “We will work. Honestly we have nothing to say right now.” – Yuri


 7. RUS – Yuko Kavaguti & Alexander Smirnov – 122,83 / 182,42

Claire de Lune – Claude Debussy

Un program aproape perfect, cu o singura greseala a lui Yuko la dublu axel. Din punct de vedere artistic, fara cusur cu siguranta.

  • “We just didn’t have the right timing in this lift. Plus the mistake in our short program put pressure on me, but I am glad. We skated well and did a nice program. After the short, we couldn’t fight for medals anymore, but we could still fight to please ourselves and the audience. I think we pleased ourselves for 80 percent, and I hope that the audience got 100 percent.” – Alexander
  • “Yesterday’s result was different for us as we were put to a very low placement. So, I thought we don’t have anything to lose for this competition. I skated this free program as an exhibition. I tried to go out with a refreshed mind, but I didn’t succeed very well. Maybe that is why I made several mistakes. One good thing was that we landed the second triple throw, which we have been struggling with since the Vancouver Olympics.”

8. SUA – Caydee Denney & John Coughlin – 117,89 / 180,37

Nessun Dorma – Giacomo Puccini

Un program foarte bun si curat din partea campionilor Statelor Unite. Incredibil cum acest cuplu s-a sudat atat de bine intr-un timp atat de scurt, au mai putin de un an de cand patineaza in aceasta formula.

  • “This is by far, the best field we’ve ever been in and we answered the bell. That program felt easy. Our training at home was awesome – what a great first Worlds, I’m so excited. You only get one first Worlds and this one is good to build on, to recharge the battery for new choreography and bigger tricks for next season.” – John

9. CH – Wenjing Sui & Cong Han – 116,17 / 179,44

The Soul of Flamenco – Michael Laucke

Debut mondial

Reprezentantii Chinei au pornit foarte hotarati sa depaseasca orice bariera. Au impresionat cu tineretea lor si curajul cu care au incercat foarte multe elemente dificile, spectaculoase, viteza cu care au executat orice miscare si inaltimea sariturilor. In deschiderea programului, au executat un cvadruplu salcov aruncat, aterizat pe doua picioare, dar cu un zbor minunat. Au avut si mici ezitari, au ratat o ridicare, dar promit multe programe interesante de acum incolo.

  • “We tried to do our best today. Unfortunately we failed one of our lifts, but being here in our first World Championships was amazing. It is a wonderful experience.” – Cong Han

10. SUA – Mary Beth Marley & Rockne Brubaker – 111,28 / 170,90

Piano Concerto No. 2 in C Minor – Sergei Rachmaninov

11. IT – Stefania Berton & Ondrej Hotarek – 107,77 / 168,16 New Sb

Adagio in G minor for Organ and Strings – Tomaso Albinoni si Remo Giazotto

12. CAN – Jessica Dube & Sebastien Wolfe – 100,53 / 156,36

Sense of Doubt („Heroes”) – Philipp Glass
Neuköln („Heroes”) – Philipp Glass
VS Schneider („Heroes”) – Philipp Glass

13. GER – Maylin Hausch & Daniel Wende – 97,32 / 145,80

Your Highness (soundtrack) – Steve Yablonsky

14. GER – Mari Vartmann & Aaron Van Cleave – 95,38 / 143,29

The Island (soundtrack)
Epicon – Globus

15. IT – Nicole Della Monica & Matteo Guarise – 88,24 New Sb / T: 137,31

Nocturne – Frederic Chopin

16. FR – Vanessa James & Morgan Cipres – 80,19 /130,70

Nostalgia – Yanni

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  1. Bravo! V-am spus ca mi-a placut perechea Tatiana -Maxim ? Ar fi trebuit sa fie de „aur” . Au pierdut la programul scurt dar au recuperat cum n-au facut-o altii vreodata .Sunt foarte buni .Cei mai buni ! Vor fi primii data viitoare !

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