CM 2012: Proba masculina, PS

Baietii si-au facut abia astazi aparitia in Palais des Expositions din Nisa, in fata spectatorilor. Care mai de care cu povesti mai frumoase de pus pe gheata, care mai de care cu programe mai mult sau mai putin reusite.

Lider dupa programul scurt este nelipsitul canadian Patrick Chan, urmat de Michal Brezina si Daisuke Takahashi. Pentru japonez as spera la ceva mai bun decat doar o medalie de bronz si abia astept sa vad cum se prezinta in programul liber.

1. CAN – Patrick Chan – 89,41 New Sb

Take Five – Paul Desmond

Canadianul nu a excelat astazi din punct de vedere tehnic, a avut mici greseli, dezechilibrari pe ici, pe colo, dar a avut sarituri bune, care i-au ridicat foarte mult punctajul: 9,44 puncte pentru cvadruplu tulup, 9,79 pentru triplu axel si 11,30 puncte pentru combinatia de 3L + 3T. Cat despre componentele programului, se stie ca primeste note exagerate.

  • “The initial plan is always to put the triple toe on the end of the quad toe if it’s good. This is what I do, even in practices at home, but sometimes things do not work. Sometimes the jump is not perfect or I am too close to the boards, so I have to resort to a triple Lutz-triple toe. If it happens as quickly as it did today, I don’t even have to think about it, it’s automatic.” – Patrick Chan
  • “I was a bit more nervous this time out of all the competitions this season because a lot of people were talking about me defending my title. It hasn’t been done in a long time and it’s not easy to not think about it. I was especially nervous about the short program because it is the deciding program, while in the free program, you can rely on just doing what you do in practice. In the short there’s no room for mistakes. Overall, I am very happy with the outcome.” – Patrick Chan

2. CEH – Michal Brezina – 87,67 New Sb

Best of Kodo

Brezina a aterizat un cvadruplu salcov perfect, de 11,64 puncte. La fel de bine i-au iesit si triplul axel( 9, 79 puncte) si combinatia de triplu flip cu triplu tulup (10,70 puncte). Diferenta foarte mare, de aproape zece puncte, intre punctajul de la tehnic si cel de la artistic. La componente, notele nu au trecut de 8, destul de ciudat…

Totusi, Michal s-a declarat foarte multumit ca s-a apropiat atat de mult de Chan, asa ca important este ca porneasca optimist si in runda a doua si sa dea tot ce are mai bun 🙂

  • “Actually, the program was built for two quads. The first jumping pass was supposed to be a combination, but I did a triple-triple combination. I know that most of the skaters put a quad first, because it is the hardest element in the program for all of us. For some reason, I feel better doing the other elements first before going for the quad, knowing that I can relax and focus on it.” – Michal Brezina
  • „It is the best possible birthday present for me, and I hope to keep the level up for the free skating tomorrow. I really tried to show good skating today. It’s not only my season’s best, but my personal best too. I am only two points behind Patrick Chan, so I am really proud of myself.” – Michal Brezina

3. JAP – Daisuke Takahashi – 85,72

In the Garden of Souls – Vas

Minunat Daisuke! Daca nu ar fi avut probleme la sfarsitul combinatiei cvadraplu tulup cu triplu tulup (8,74 puncte), cand a atins gheata dupa saritura tripla, ar fi fost perfect. Aceeasi combinatie a avut-o in program si Brian Joubert si a obtinut aproape 15 puncte… cu un asa punctaj pentru combinatie, ar fi condus japonezul. Dar lasand variantele posibile, daca si cu parca, in programul liber trebuie sa ii iasa toate ca la carte! L-am vazut patinand cu drag, cu hotarare, poate obtine o medalie pretioasa la Nisa!

  • “I felt good about my quad toe and then calculated if I should add the triple toe after it. It could be better in order to get a higher score. That is what caused my mistake on the triple toe. I should not have been thinking like that. I am not happy about it, but my overall performance was quite good. I am satisfied that I was able to include a quad toe in my short program.” – Daisuke

4. FR – Brian Joubert – 83,47 New Sb

Justice – Genesis
Aerodynamic – Daft Punk

Revine din nou Brian Joubert si de data asta sper sa fie pana la capat. Programul de azi i-a iesit foarte bine, in mod aparte combinatia despre care vorbeam mai sus, dar nu numai… a fost energic si la fel de hotarat precum Daisuke. Sa mearga la fel de bine si maine!

  • “I am very pleased with this performance today. I am happy that I finally could put it all together after two seasons where it just wouldn’t happen. I was very focused, but I felt good and my knee is ok. I had to find the middle between being joyful and concentrated. It is of course the highlight of my career to skate a World Championship here in France. My scores are rather not too important to me now at the moment. This short program was a good first step and I am relieved, but the competition is not over yet.” – Brian

5. SP – Javier Fernandez – 81,87

I Love Paris – The Witnesses
Petit Fleur – Rene Henri

O prestatie foarte buna oferita de reprezentantul Spaniei. A avut una din cele mai bune sarituri cvadruple (9,87 puncte) si o combinatie valoroasa de triplu lutz cu triplu tulup.

  • “I feel good. I did a good program with just little mistakes, but was not happy with the score. I have no pressure here and will do the best I can tomorrow. A clean program is my goal.” – Javier 

6. FR – Florent Amodio – 79,96 New Sb

Tears of the Sun (soundtrack) – Hans Zimmer

Campionul european Amodio a ratat aterizarea cvadruplului salcov executat in deschiderea programului, dar in rest a oferit publicului o prestatie frumoasa, emotionanta.

  • “It’s a pity that I fell on the quad. In practice I do it at a 100 percent. Of course I had to do the quad. It’s in my jumping panel now. I landed it in competition before. It will be done in tomorrow’s free skate.” – Florent 
  • “I like better to come from behind and fight. I’m sure there’ll be a nice battle tomorrow. I’m in a good shape, anyway, and I’ll stay positive. Whatever happens tomorrow, I am so glad to be able to be here in Nice performing in front of my home crowd.” – Florent

7. JAP – Yuzuru Hanyu – 77,07

Etude in D Sharp Minor Patetico – Alexander Skriabin

Debut mondial

Piruete minunate, toate de nivel patru.

  • “Although this is my first World Championships, I stayed calm and I was trying hard to put everything in it. I am really disappointed about the Lutz. Maybe my concentration was off. This is a very good learning experience and I think this is like my baptism for Worlds. Hopefully the Lutz will be the key element for me, so I want to stay concentrated and try to show my best tomorrow.” – Yuzuru

8. KAZ – Denis Ten – 76,00

Elegie op. 3 No. 1 – Sergei Rachmaninov

Unul din putinele programe curate.

  • “The performance was not perfect. I am glad that I could do everything I planned despite the tiredness. This season was a very long one for me. I started competing already in August, and this is my tenth competition so far. It is very difficult to make yourself work after the Junior Worlds.” – Denis

9. SUA – Jeremy Abbott – 74,85

Bei mir bist du schoen – Benny Goodman
Swing Kids (soundtrack)

Foarte bun punctaj la artistic. Notele pentru componentele programului au fost cuprinse intre 8,18 – 8,46.

  • “I’m feeling sheer disappointment, I’m horrified. I’ve never been more prepared – physically, mentally and emotionally – for a competition, and I was ready to bring it. I landed the triple flip off-balance and tried to pull off the triple toe. I haven’t fallen on this combination, ever.” – Jeremy

10. SUA – Adam Rippon – 73,55

Korobushko – Bond

Nu a fost o zi prea buna nici pentru cel de-al doilea reprezentant al Statelor Unite, care, la fel ca si compatriotul sau, Jeremy Abbott, a ratat doua sarituri.

  • “The more the program went on, the more comfortable I felt. This was the best performed short program of the season. I did a good triple Axel in the warm-up, but have been having a few problems with the jump since I’ve been here. The step out on the ‘Rippon’ Lutz  was an unfortunate mistake, but at least I didn’t fall on it like I did at Four Continents. Going into tomorrow’s free skate, I know I’m really well trained – both physically and mentally, and will come back strong.” – Adam

11. IT – Samuel Contesti – 73,55 New Sb

Au son de gitare – Antoine Bonelli
Tarantella Napoletana – Linguini Brothers

12. CAN – Kevin Reynolds – 72,95

Chambermaid Swing – Parov Stelar

13. JAP – Takahiko Kozuka – 71,78

Inner Urge – Joe Henderson

Uf! Pentru micutul Takahiko chiar mi-a parut rau la ratarile sale. A subrotat cvadrupla, dar a avut o  combinatie buna de 3 lutz + 3 tulup, notata cu 10,40 puncte.

  • “I was feeling very good all week until today, but now, judging after this performance, maybe I was too defensive. It was a really disappointing short program for me, especially with the jumps. Figure skating is not only about jumps, but they are the key elements. I wanted to land them so badly, but I didn’t today, so I lost my flow totally.” – Takahiko

14. CEH – Tomas Verner – 70,38

Carmina Burana – Carl Orff

Un program aproape pierdut pentru cehul Verner, care a ratat la inceput cvadrupla, executand doar o dubla, pierzand puncte extrem de pretioase. A avut insa un triplu axel frumos si per total mie mi-a placut prestatia lui. Si eu ii dau un plus si pentru costum 🙂

15. CH – Nan Song – 69,58

Requiem for a Dream (soundtrack) – Clint Mansell

16. RUS – Artur Gachinski – 68,50

Saint Louis Blues

Triplu axel foarte bun, a ratat prima combinatie, 2 t + 2t, care i-a adus doar 2 puncte! 😦

  • “A very stupid mistake happened. I didn’t expect that. Shame on me. I have been doings quads for a long time, and to make a mistake on it is not my level. I am very disappointed. I cannot blame the ice, my boots, or blades on my mistake. It was me, who did it.” – Artur

17. RUS – Sergei Voronov – 66,81

The Final Game („A League Of Their Own” soundtrack) – Hans Zimmer

18. BEL – Kevin Van Der Perren – 66,38

The Feeling Begins – Peter Gabriel
„Incantation”  (Cirque du Soleil)

19. UZB – Misha Ge – 65,29

The Swan – Camille Saint-Saens

20. FIL – Christopher Caluza – 61,87

Assassins Tango ( „Mr. and Mrs. Smith” soundtrack) – John Powell

21. AUT – Viktor Pfeifer – 60,61

Lady Caliph (soundtrack) – Ennio Morricone

22. MON – Kim Lucine – 59,93

Summertime – George Gershwin

23. GER – Peter Liebers – 58,21

Blues Deluxe – Joe Bonamassa

24. SP – Javier Raya – 57,22


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