CM 2012: Finala in proba masculina

In afara spectacolului de care a avut parte in aceasta dupa-amiaza si in toata saptamana, Europa nu are foarte multe motive de bucurie astazi caci podiumul mondial in proba de baieti a fost ocupat doar de catre Canada si Japonia.

Campionul mondial en-titre, Patrick Chan si-a adjudecat o noua medalie de aur, cu un program in care nu au lipsit greselile, dar care s-a impus, indeosebi prin notele obtinute la componentele programului. Publicul a fost nemultumit si a reactionat ca atare, dar rezultatele raman aceleasi indiferent de parerile ulterioare.

1. CAN – Patrick Chan – Programul liber: 176,70 / 266,11

Adagio din Concierto de Aranjuez – Joaquin Rodriguez

A inceput in forta cu o saritura cvadrupla foarte buna, pentru ca imediat apoi sa execute si o combinatie de cvadrupla cu tripla. Asa am inceput sa cred ca poate acum este momentul sa il vad castigand cu un program curat. Nu s-a intamplat asa caci in partea a doua si-a pierdut concentrarea la triplu axel si a cazut. In plus, a mai avut o alta ezitare la flip, pe care a incercat sa o mascheze pe cat posibil.

  • “It isn’t really normal, but I always have weird falls. It isn’t me if I don’t make at least one freaky mistake. It was a little touch of Patrick at the end. I was behind the music at that point and I knew it, so it might have been a factor. I needed to catch up, so I rushed entry. I have to say that I have bruised my butt quite a bit, but I am lucky that it did not affect the score more.”
  • “Last year I was on a roll. Quads were great and other than the triple Axel, everything was solid. This season, however, I started to have problems with the Lutz. I decided not add a triple, but since I have never done a double in this place before, I put too much ‘oomph’ into it and ended up with too much height for a double. That’s why the landing was bad. Overall, though, it was a good performance. No necessarily a lights out one, like Yuzuru’s, but I skated smartly and I stayed on top. All the little details were done well.” – Patrick

2. JAP – Daisuke Takahashi – 173,94 New Sb / 259,66 New Sb

Blues for Klook – Eddy Louis

Daisuke s-a pregatit cum se cuvine pentru acest moment si ne-a dus din nou intr-o lume pe care doar el, cu miscarile sale, o poate crea. A fost minunat… tehnic, artistic, in toate felurile. Pentru pasi ca ai lui si pentru piruete ca ale lui Lambiel ar trebui sa existe nivelul cinci.

  • “I was nervous but I still had a good time. The audience helped me a lot. It actually is the first time this season that I landed a clean quad in competition.”
  • “After my surgery, I didn’t expect to win the silver medal here. My long-term goal is Sochi, so I am looking for ways to improve myself; new challenges, something new every day. I need to understand what I have to do in order to get to the Sochi Olympics. I am looking forward to the upcoming season, and I am amazed at how much I have improved this season. I do not know what other people think about my skating, but I think I have proven to myself that that I am still able to improve.”
  • “It’s the first time for two Japanese men to be on the podium and Yuzuru is still a very young skater. When I was competing at my first Worlds, I never expected to be on the podium. Yuzuru did a truly amazing job today. I have been around for a long time. I am the oldest of three Japanese skaters here, and finally, after so many years, we got two skaters winning medals. So now I can be very optimistic about the future of Japanese skating.” – Daisuke

3. JAP – Yuzuru Hanyu – 173,99 New Sb / 251,06 New Sb

Romeo si Julieta (soundtrack) – Craig Armstrong

17 ani

Un copil adorabil, pe care nu te lasa inima sa nu il indragesti, dupa ce il vezi dand tot ce are, tot ce poate pe gheata, incercand imposibilul, la doar 17 ani. A avut niste sarituri foarte bune, printre care au fost de remarcat triplu axel si cvadruplu tulup. A avut si o greseala din senin, la sfarsitul secventei de pasi, dar a revenit tot ca din senin cu o combinatie minunata de triplu axel cu triplu tulup. A pus atata pasiune, incat la final, aplaudat frenetic de publicul ridicat in picioare, a inceput sa planga in hohote… lacrimile nu au intarziat sa apara nici pe obrajii antrenoarei sale, pe ai fanilor din sala… si pe ai mei.

Prestatia sa a impresionat chiar si pe unii colegi patinatori, printre care, John Kerr care a exclamat pe twitterul sau: „Hanyu! Sensational performance from an amazing talent.”

  • “I did not expect to finish on the podium at my first Worlds. In the short I singled a Lutz, and it frustrated and disappointed me. Today I nailed the Lutz, so I am happy.”
  • “For me it was a very tough season. I started this season doing ice shows where I skated my exhibition piece a lot. So my goal for Worlds was to make it to the gala, to finish in the top five. When I realized that I did it, it was ok for me. I did not think about the medal. I did not know how to react to it. I was really surprised.”
  • “ I was really, really happy. I saw a lot of Japanese fans coming all the way from Japan to support us, and I knew that a lot of people followed the event on TV, even in disaster-struck areas. I felt their power and support today. Now I feel I have overcome that rough season.”
  • “I used to watch Worlds on TV and I dreamt of first skating at this Championships one day and then of winning a medal.  Now I have done it, and I am very happy.” – Yuzuru

4. FR – Brian Joubert – 161,11 New Sb / 244,58 New Sb

The Matrix (soundtrack)

Cel mai medaliat patinator care s-a prezentat astazi in fata spectatorilor de la Nisa si-a respectat blazonul, evoluand fara greseala toate elementele. A avut sarituri foarte bune, dar punctajul a fost mai slab din pricina piruetelor de doar nivelul doi si pasilor… totusi asta cred ca este mai putin important acum. El a fost extrem de multumit de prestatia sa, a sarutat gheata care i-a purtat atat noroc de aceasta data si cred ca ii va ridica foarte mult moralul, chiar si fara o noua medalie castigata.

  • “I am very happy with this free skate. It was such a difficult competition, that’s just amazing. This year, after ten years of competitive skating, I felt that I had started from zero again. I had a big back injury at the beginning of the season which made caused me to skip the Grand Prix season.”
  • “I always believed in myself and now I showed that I still can hold it together. You have to go step by step to achieve such a good performance. It’s great that it happened at the end of the season, and I want to thank all the people who supported me over this season.” – Brian

5. FR – Florent Amodio –  163,07 New Sb / 243,03 New Sb

Memories of Sobral – Sébastien Damiani
Rio (soundtrack) – Sergio Mendes

Neasteptat de reusit programul lui Amodio, care a deschis programul cu un cvadruplu salcov, continuat in forta cu alte sarituri valoroase, printre care si un triplu axel perfect in partea a doua de program. Doar la un moment dat a avut o ezitare, cand a executat un dublu lutz in loc de triplu, dupa cum avea planificat, in rest impecabil. Publicul a fost in delir de-a dreptul si l-a sustinut in permanenta.

  • “It was a wonderful competition. I am a fighter and I did my job today. For the first time this season, I did such a good skate and I am very happy. It feels amazing, even magical. The level is incredibly high this season.” – Florent

6. CEH – Michal Brezina – 151,88/ 239,55 New Sb

The Untouchables (soundtrack) – Ennio Morricone (aranjament modern)

Prea multa presiune pe umerii lui Brezina dauneaza grav abilitatilor lui de patinator de top. A avut multe greseli la partea tehnica, inca de la inceputul programului ceea ce l-a dezamagit cred ca prea mult, caci nu a luptat asa cum trebuie, ar fi putut reveni chiar si dupa ratarile de la sariturile cvadruple… altii au facut-o…

  • “You don’t want to change anything once the competition has started, so I did the program with two quads even though I was second after the short program. I made too many mistakes today. It’s not really what I aimed for, but it’s a sport. I’ll try to make it better next season.” – Michal

7. KAZ – Denis Ten – 153,70 New Sb / 229,70 New Sb

Adios Nonino – Astor Piazzolla

Micutul Denis a fost putin in deruta pe parcursul programului liber,  a avut elemente foarte bune, pentru ca mai apoi sa mai strecoare si cate o ezitare, pe ici, pe colo. Dar o evolutie multumitoare in rest, pentru noi si cred si pentru el, si-a depasit recordurile din acest sezon, a obtinut o clasare mai buna la mondiale si i-a reusit si cvadrupla de la inceput. A fost bine! 🙂

  • “I am very glad I finished this season. It was very long and difficult, both physically and mentally, for me. I finished it with a quad. In the beginning of the season, I performed it well, but at the Four Continents and Junior Worlds, I was not able to land any. Overall, I think this season was a good one for me. My jumps became better, so now I think that I need to improve my skating. You realize it very well here with so many strong competitors around. I hope one day I will compete with them on the same level and make it to the podium.” – Denis

8. SUA – Jeremy Abbott – 151,14 / 226,19

Exogenesis: Symphony, Part 3 – Muse

Campionul Statelor Unite a prezentat un program sensibil, pe care il interpreteaza de exceptie, fara indoiala. La partea tehnica a excelat mai putin, in special la aterizari.

  • “Today was anything but easy, and I had to fight for everything, but I fought my way through that program and for every point out there. My placement isn’t what I wanted, but this disappointing result makes me even hungrier than I thought possible for next season.” – Jeremy

9. SP – Javier Fernandez – 144,00 / 225,87

La Traviata – Giuseppe Verdi
I Vespri Siciliani – Giuseppe Verdi
Nabucco – Giuseppe Verdi
Rigoletto – Giuseppe Verdi

Spaniolul cel dragut incepuse foarte promitator cu doua sarituri cvadruple, tulup si salcov, care i-au si iesit, dar mai apoi si-a pierdut echilibrul, ritmul si a avut mai mult greseli. Pacat caci a avut un sezon atat de frumos pana in prezent si a ratat tocmai unde era cel mai important. Dar bine ca e tanar, timp mai este destul, numai vointa sa fie…

  • “When I stepped on the ice I was pretty calm. I did a clean quad, but I kept thinking about my triple Axels because I couldn’t do them at the European Championships. I was afraid to have problems with them again, I was afraid to fall on them. So I think I brought myself in this situation. This season I had good competitions and bad competitions, so now I will work on good things and keep going.” – Javier

10. IT – Samuel Contesti –  151,34 New Sb/ 224,89 New Sb

La vie en rose – Edith Piaf
Ca gaze – Fony Murena
Valse a mille temps – Jacques Brel

Un showman ca intotdeauna reprezentantul Italiei… de data asta mai mult francez caci publicul nu i-a uitat originile si l-a primit ca acasa, cu aplauze neintrerupte. Fara greseala, fara cvadrupla, cu o interpretare deosebita a muzicii.

11. JAP – Takahiko Kozuka – 146,85 / 218,63

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind (soundtrack)

Din pacate pe japonez nu am putut sa il vad, caci a fost intr-o grupa valorica planificata prea devreme ca sa poata fi difuzata la tv… nu stiu de ce nu isi fac mai mult timp cei de la tvr si eurosport, ma scot din sarite cand transmit numai cate doua grupe…

12. CAN – Kevin Reynolds – 144,25 New Sb / 217,20 New Sb

Chrono Trigger – Yasunori Mistuda

Foarte curajos, canadianul si-a anuntat trei sarituri cvadruple pentru acest program. Din acestea doar doua i-au reusit, un salcov la inceput si mai apoi un cvadruplu tulup in combinatie cu dublu tulup, in partea a doua a programului. Cu mici probleme pe parcurs, nu l-as fi vrut in fata lui Adam Rippon… dar cum eu nu sunt arbitru… 😆

13. SUA – Adam Rippon – 143,08 / 216,63

Air  – Johann Sebastian Bach
Toccata and Fugue – Johann Sebastian Bach

O prezenta foarte placuta pe gheata si nu doar pentru buclele sale blondine. Nu a fost in forma maxima astazi, dar tot ne cucereste cu acel triplu lutz, trademark, cu mainile sus.

14. CH – Nan Song – 146,75 / 216,33

Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 – Franz Liszt

15. BEL – Kevin van der Perren – 147,66 / 214,04

The Man in the Iron Mask (soundtrack) – Nick Glennie-Smith

Belgianul a scris pe contul sau de facebook:  „Thank you everybody.Thanks for all your support and cheers through the years.Thanks to everybody who has helped me in all those years financially and mentally.A special thanks to my coach Silvie De Rijcke for her hard work and patience and off course to my lovely wife Jenna Mccorkell.Would be lost without her!!!!Once again thank you everybody.this was the skate of my life…” – Kevin

A reusit intr-adevar un program foarte bun, pare-se, din cate imi spun notele… din pacate nici pe el nu l-am putut vedea, din aceleasi motive enuntate anterior.

16. CEH – Tomas Verner – 140,28 / 210,66

Sing Sing Sing („Swing Kids” soundtrack)
La Vie en Rose – Louis Armstrong

17. RUS – Sergei Voronov – 143,23 New Sb / 210,04 New Sb

I Pagliacci – Ruggero Leoncavallo

A evoluat foarte bine, doar o singura greseala, o intoarcere intre sariturile unei combinatii ( 3A + 2R) din prima parte a programului.

18. RUS – Artur Gachinski – 136,56 / 206,06

Interview With A Vampire (soundtrack)
Bram Stoker’s Dracula (soundtrack) -Wojciech Kilar

Deloc in forma colegul de antrenamente al lui Evgeni Plushenko. Multe greseli la tehnic, intr-un program cu o coreografie care mie imi place tare mult si care i-a si adus o medalie de argint la Campionatul European de la Sheffield. A ratat primele doua sarituri cvadruple din deschiderea programului. O clasare care nu ii face deloc cinste.

19. UZB – Misha Ge – 121,12 / 186,41

War and Love – Invincible

20. GER – Peter Liebers – 125,92 / 184,13

Resistance – Muse, interpretat de  Two Cellos
Hurt – Muse, interpretat de Two Cellos

21. FIL – Christopher Caluza – 122,23 / 184,10

Piano Concerto in A minor Op. 16 – Edvard Grieg

22. AUT – Viktor Pfeifer – 121,93 / 182,54

Send In the Clowns
The Elephant Man
Entry of the Gladiators
Circus Contraception

23. MON – Kim Lucine – 121,44 / 181,37

The Jungle Book – George Bruns

24. SP – Javier Raya – 110,26 / 167,48

Cinema Paradiso (soundtrack) – Ennio Morricone

2 gânduri despre „CM 2012: Finala in proba masculina

    • Te inteleg :)) Si eu asteptam cu mare interes confruntarea directa dintre el si Chan… As fi vrut tare mult sa il puna cineva la locul lui pe canadianul asta care are noroc sa castige numai cu evolutii gresite.
      N-a fost sa fie Plushenko aici sa faca asta, dar s-a straduit publicul sa il faca sa inteleaga intr-un fel sau altul ca nu e tocmai campionul dorit.
      Parca imi parea si rau pentru el de pe o parte, sa auda toate acele fluieraturi chiar si aflat pe podium, dar pe de alta parte… poate il mai aduc cu picioarele pe pamant.

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