Ramas bun, Daisuke Takahashi

Daisuke Takahashi, primul patinator japonez ce a castigat o medalie olimpica (JO 2010 Vancouver, bronz), si-a anuntat oficial, in urma cu doua zile, retragerea din competitiile sportive de patinaj artistic, in timpul unei conferinte de presa tinuta in orasul sau natal.

“To move on with my life — and the remaining part of my life will be long — I needed to draw a line and retire from competition”.

“All the good things and all the bad things that happened in my career…all of them are great memories.”

(Daisuke Takahashi)

Patinatorul japonez a scris istorie, atat pentru tara sa, cat si pentru patinajul international, fiind totodata primul patinator japonez care a devenit campion mondial (2010, Torino) si care a castigat finala seriei de Grand Prix (2012).

Mai presus de toate insa, a cucerit milioane de fani din intreaga lume, devenind unul dintre cei mai iubiti patinatori din lume. Si nici nu se putea altfel, cand tot ce a facut in toti cei 20 ani de patinaj din viata sa, a facut cu toata pasiunea, punand suflet in orice program realizat pe gheata.

A transformat cu fiecare ocazie patinajul in arta si pot spune, fara nici o urma de indoiala, ca, pentru mine si pentru multi altii, Daisuke este unul dintre acei patinatori care au schimbat pentru totdeauna patinajul artistic!

„I came to be what I am now warmly supported by my every fan.

Maybe there are people who are missing me right now. I want to tell them that I’m grateful to them all. I’m not quitting skating. I’m scheduled to some of the shows. It will be nice if they come to see me in the shows. Or, it will be also nice if they talk to me when they pass by me somewhere in a town.”   ~ Daisuke Takahashi

  • Akiko Suzuki (twitter) – “Thank you Dai-chan!! I hope your future will shine”.
  • Tomas Verner (instagram): “I was never afraid to say that even competing with you, I cheered for you! Good luck in your next career! Skating world will miss a huge figure and personality”.
  • Maxim Trankov: “Dear D1sk, you are amazing skater, great person & great artist on ice. For me was so much pleasure to watch your performances around the world. I’m proud to be your skating friend. Thanks for everything! I’m sure you will be happy in your next stept in your life. Hugs from Russia!”
  • Javier Fernandez (twitter): “Daisuke Takahashi, amazing career of figure skating! You will be one of my favourite skater always! GO DISK! We love you and we will miss you!”
  • Denis Ten  (instagram): “The artist, great athlete, personality and inspiration. You’ll be truly missed. Good luck with all the wonderful things the future holds for you!”
  • Miki Ando (instagram): “Thank you, Daisuke. You made me strong as a skater and happy with your skating! Go for your next step and shine as always!”
  • Jeremy Abbott (instagram): “My best wishes and a huge Congrats to Daisuke on an unbelievable career! I’m sad to see you go, but I know there is more brilliance in your future!”
  • Adam Rippon (instagram): “I consider myself one of the luckiest people because I had the chance to train with one of my idols when I was younger. Daisuke, I’ve always thought you were amazing and it was an honor to have skated and competed with you for so many years. Congratulations on an amazing career!”
  • Johnny Weir (twitter) – “Thank you, Daisuke Takahashi, for your magnificent career and your beautiful art. Congratulations on your next chapter and golden luck!”
  • Misha Ge (instagram): “One and Only – Daisuke Takahashi. Still remember the first time I met and saw Daisuke in competition live – it was in 2004, in Harbin (China), at Asian Championships. Still remember how my Dad told me to go watch and learn on his early practice at 7am in that little cold ice rink in Harbin. Remember how I went there with a video camera to record and learn from him that day (as my Dad told me to do), when most of kids skaters were sleeping at that time. Ever since I watched him that day he became one of my Most Favorite Skater and one of the Biggest Inspiration in Skating World. Every program he did is a piece of art that touched millions of people’s hearts and also put smiles on people’s faces. Looking back, is really hard to imagine the skating world in these years without Daisuke Takahashi. How much he did, how much he taught us, and how much will people remember of his Beautiful and Unique Skating from the Heart. Is really hard to say goodbye, Daisuke, we all, skaters and audience, will miss you in skating world, but things and art you did in skating will last forever, and we will remember them. We all wish you best and happiest things in the life you can reach in the future days. I and we will keep follow your way and keep do what you’ve done in skating, Skate from The Heart. Artist. Champion. Inspiration. With Best Regards: Inspired Skater by You, Fan and Your Friend: Misha Ge”.

Dai, ai adus magie pe gheata cu fiecare aparitie. Sper candva sa te pot vedea live, intr-un spectacol pe gheata.

Always your fan,


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