Campionatul European de patinaj artistic 2015 – Finala in proba masculina

Europa si-a desemnat noul campion la patinaj artistic. Javier Fernandez castiga pentru a treia oara consecutiv titlul batranului continent si continua sa scrie istorie pentru tara sa!! Spaniolul este primul patinator care castiga trei titluri europene la rand, dupa Alexander Fadeev, care a castigat a treia si ultima sa medalie de aur europeana in 1989.

Podiumul a fost completat de doi reprezentanti ai Rusiei: Maxim Kovtun, argint, si Sergei Voronov, bronz.


Clasamentul final dupa programul liber este:

1 Javier FERNANDEZ ESP 262.49

“This medal is more important than a regular European medal because it’s three times in a row. Maybe I didn’t do my best performance ever but it’s a little bit more special than other medals as since 1989 nobody has won three European medals in a row.” – Javier Fernandez

2 Maxim KOVTUN RUS 235.68

„I have mixed feelings about today, obviously I’m very happy that I was able to win my first medal at such an important event, but I am not happy with my performance. The main thing is I kept fighting, but to be honest it was the hardest skate of my life.” – Maxim Kovtun

3 Sergei VORONOV RUS 233.05

“The feeling of my skate and my jumps, like for all of us, was not good today. But I didn’t feel pressure, more just tiredness. My physical preparation was good but I still feel very tired right now.  I’m personally very happy that it’s my second time in the top three at Europeans and I skated against strong competitors.” – Sergei Voronov

4 Alexei BYCHENKO ISR 220.22
5 Michal BREZINA CZE 220.11
6 Peter LIEBERS GER 213.57
7 Adian PITKEEV RUS 210.87
8 Ivan RIGHINI ITA 210.75
9 Florent AMODIO FRA 210.11
10 Daniel SAMOHIN ISR 209.93
11 Alexander MAJOROV SWE 202.57
12 Petr COUFAL CZE 187.82
13 Franz STREUBEL GER 186.18
14 Javier RAYA ESP 173.70
15 Phillip HARRIS GBR 173.67
16 Yaroslav PANIOT UKR 171.24
17 Pavel KASKA CZE 166.06
18 Valtter VIRTANEN FIN 164.80
19 Justus STRID DEN 162.05
20 Patrick MYZYK POL 159.73
21 Pavel IGNATENKO BLR 156.41
22 Sondre ODDVOLL BOE NOR 155.27
23 Larry LOUPOLOVER AZE 139.29

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